Our Services

Roof Repair

Roof repair can include anything from fixing damaged shingles, holes, roof leaks or dents.Roof repair is an important part of home maintenance and choosing the right roof contractor is very important

New Construction

The lifespan of a roof is dependent on many factors including wear, storms, quality of materials, installation, and also the type of roof. Whether you want a roof designed and installed on your new home construction, or a new roof redesign on your existing home, you will want a sturdy, attractive roof that you can trust will have longevity.

Roof Replacement

By consistently offering the most competitive rates on home roof installs, coupled with the most experienced roofers and high quality materials, Discount Roofing works to ensure that your home has a perfect new roof to match.

Gutter Repair/Replacement

Either we are putting the same gutters on or will give you many options, styles, and colors that we can choose from. We will be very helpful in showing you all of the options that you have.

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Our 5 step process

Our 5 step process makes it easy for the customer to understand everything that will happend. We take care of everything for the customer so that there is no stress or to much time spent on your end. The customer is welcomed to be as involved as they want to be. We do not want to just make our customer happy, we want to exceed expectations. We want your business again 20 years down the road, and your friends and families business.

Step 1

Inspect your roof for damage. If there is minimul damage we suggest to wait.
If their is sufficient damage continue to step 2.

Step 2

Contact the insurance company to get an appraisal. The insurance adjuster will get in touch with us within 72 hours.

Step 3

We will meet your insurance adjuster at your home to asses all of the damage. We will come to a fair conclusion to take care of our customer.

Step 4

We will install the roof on a day that works best for our customer and mother nature.

Step 5

Check with our customer to see how their experience was with us and how it could improve.