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How Can I Tell If My Roof Sustained Hail Damage in a Storm?

If your area recently experienced a hailstorm, then you may have noticed some dings on your car, but did you think about the potential damage to your roof? Nearly any surface located outside is vulnerable to hail damage, although the roof often gets overlooked by homeowners unless the damage is severe and really stands out. The truth is that even 1.5-inch walnut-sized hail can cause severe roof damage. 

At Discount Roofing, we understand that hail damage can be more than just frustrating — it can even result in needing roof repair or roof replacement services for your Northwest Arkansas home. How can you tell if your roof was negatively impacted by recent storms?

Post Hailstorm Damage to Look for

The types of shingles that you have on your roof determine largely the type of damage that your roof receives from a hailstorm. Look for:

  • Loss of granules from the shingles. You may notice granules that feel like sand in your downspouts or gutters.
  • Cracked shingles.
  • Exposed or fractured fiberglass mat. Shattered shingles on the surface can break off and expose the fiberglass mat located below the shingles. Although harder to detect, the mat can also become fractured. It usually takes a roofing professional to notice a fractured fiberglass mat.
  • Loss of seal integrity. The combination of hail and high winds can cause weakening of the self-sealing strip on your shingles, exposing your roof to the elements.

Factors Causing Damage to Roofs

During a hailstorm, there are several factors that determine the extent of the damage to your roof. The wind speed and the wind’s direction largely determine the impact hail has on the roof. Hailstone size is also a factor; obviously, larger, softball-sized hail causes worse damage than pea-sized hail. Hailstones with jagged edges can cause worse damage than those that are smoother.

Additionally, roofing materials can determine the extent of damage due to hail. Hail can crack a wooden shake roof or cause dings in a metal roof. The biggest hailstones can hurl through the atmosphere and are dense enough to cause punctures in your roof, especially if it is old or in poor shape to begin with.

Dealing With Roof Damage?

Damage from high-speed winds and hail account for around 40% of all insurance claims each year, with around $15 billion in reported damage annually due to these perils just in the U.S. If you’re dealing with hail damage or ready for roof repair, reach out to Discount Roofing for top-quality replacements and roof repairs in the Northwest Arkansas area

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